United pearl exporters boasts of vast experienced and knowledgeable staff in the food industry for over ten years and with this human resource wealth, our company has continued to record annual growth year in, year out!

This growth has been instigated by various factors and initiatives such as strategic agreements with growers, the proximity of our packing facility to growing regions as well as the main airport (Entebbe Internal Airport)

We have committed staff as well as blocked space agreements with major airlines that have enabled the company to be in control of logistics to various destinations across the globe.

Epitome Quality and Service”

To provide top quality products at the highest service level as a means of enhancing the customers value in the market.

To be a world class exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables with consistent high quality and timely supply.

  • Professionalism
  • Ethical business practices and integrity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Quality focus
  • Empathy

To become the biggest supplier of assorted horticultural products in the next five years.